Monthly Archives: November 2016

Making Art

 I had been doing some pastels while I’ve been here. But the chalk dust was making me cough. So I switched to watercolor. This one needs more work so the brown pile on the right doesn’t look like a pile of ? imageI want to have a fit. Give up art completely. Take this iPad and fling it through the poop-laden field, go and find it and jump up and down on it violently deliberately and with relish! A nice cackle or banshee scream would be a nice touch especially in this midnight Scottish  landscape with its howling sky and windswept plains!

I just wrote a lofty post about making art and the commitment it takes to be an artist with great analogies to gale winds and feeling alive and bracing ones self against adversity…and I saved it. I added a few pictures of me all windswept and happy. I set the format and I pressed”insert “and it all disappeared! This is my first post doing it alone. I’ve had 3 people help me so far. The Barcelona post I got help with and went to my room and it all unraveled. If you read it, you will see it is dribble at the end. Technology drives me a little crazy!

Here’ s some more works.