Continued: Right to Roam or Heli and Vicki Hitch Hike etc…

Americans have a lot of rights. They love their rights. Under the constitution they have freedom of speech, press, religion, and petition. That’s the  first right. The second is the right to bear arms. There are 10 rights that are a part of our constitution which is called the Bill of Rights and was ratified in 1791 and is the first ten amendments to our constitution. I won’t name them all here, but I will say there is a right that Scotland has (and Ireland, Iceland, and the Scandinavian countries and to a limited degree the UK ) which we Americans do not have.

I live in the country in Northern California on a beautiful piece of land. Most people have horses or cattle or at least chickens out where I live.  I have 3 pastures and a 100 year-old house and a smaller house which is a rental, and 2 1/2 acres and 7 gates! My neighbors have gates too and various amounts of acreage. Most of them have big metal electrical gates you can operate with a remote.  You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your car. Heaven forbid if the 70 degree weather is too much for you, one might injure oneself from all that movement! I’ve even thought of getting that setup myself. That way no one can come on my property.

So far  here in Scotland,  I haven’t seen any electrical gates. Besides, there is a law here called THE RIGHT  TO ROAM law and it states that anyone has the right to roam. Anywhere. On anyone’s property. In America you open those gates and start roaming around that 2nd amendment right is going to click in real fast, and before you know it , you could be staring down the barrel of a gun! Well maybe I’m being a little dramatic here…At least you’d have to explain why you were trespassing.  Roaming isn’t allowed in America, at least not on private land!

I just like the sound of a law called Right to Roam. I like to roam. So far I haven’t met any highland cows, just herds of sheep and tons of rabbits as I have meandered around through luscious green fields or walked the one mile stretch of road that goes into the village. I’ve opened a few gates and made sure they were closed behind me so the livestock didn’t go where the farmer didn’t want them to go.

But Heli is a free spirit and her sense of roaming is huge. Who else walks the Camino, goes home and sells everything and essentially is just on one big Roam! It’s called her Life. And really aren’t we all on that journey? Besides, she’s from Finland and the cold doesn’t even faze her. I’m just her sidekick. And all of a sudden, my sense of abandon has grown and here I am in December in the freezing cold at dusk hitch hiking at the age of 71 in Scotland with this incredible free-spirit wise women healer nearly half my age! We were giddy with the thrill of the adventure. The first part worked out just fine…stop reading now if you think some mishap is about to happen. It’s not. This story is about synchronicity, following Spirit, and how fun life can be. It’s about being like a child, being in the present and trusting.

So I’m standing on the road thinking.

“What the hell am I doing?” I couldn’t believe how cold I was. When in doubt about anything, go shopping. So I say to Heli, “I’ll just be inside ( we were dropped off in front of the  little ferry building which was still open and WARM) ” I need to do some Xmas shopping. ( Yah right! In the middle of hitch hiking? Nothing like a diversion. )”You keep your thumb out,call me when we get a ride.  I know what your thinking, why would she want me as a friend…

I’d only tried on one wool wrap when all of a sudden, Heli was at the window signaling for me to come outside. She’d gotten us a ride!


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