Will this Hitch Hiking Story Ever End?

Out of nowhere, a car on the wrong side of the road came to a sudden halt. A man with a  large dog who  was riding shotgun grinned at us, (the man grinned, not the dog). Anyway, the man bolted out of his car to open doors and help us with our backpacks,  and said he was going to a town about 10 miles from our destination and was willing to take Heli and I that far. But when he opened the door to let us in, Hope, his very big, muddy ,hyper red setter leapt out of the car and ran into the other lane with great abandonment and senseless joy. Clearly, the man was dismayed and Hope wasn’t having any of it. She was free! Funny I don’t know the man’s name but the dog must have made an impression on me because I remember her name. The man frantically kept calling her, but she was having too much fun.

Most of this island of Mull that we where on is a one-lane hiway. If another car is coming someone needs to pullover and wait for the other person to pass. But this stretch has two lanes and Hope was enjoying romping in both of them. The man was worried , but he needn’t be because the traffic is sparse. Very sparse. We’re talking a car about every 5 minutes or so. Hope and I were having a hard time getting settled (Heli was in the backseat already.) By “settled” I mean now I was seated shotgun with Hope fidgeting on my lap! I guess I took that gigantic smelly rambunctious animal’s spot. All I could think of was wearing muddy wet jeans for the next few days. I hadn’t brought a change of clothes,just sox and underwear and a toothbrush. I was practicing to be a free spirit, like Heli. Go light, be lead…(lead by Spirit?)

I remember standing on the side of the road (OUT IN THE MIDDLE Of NO WHERE!) with my wet jeans and Heli, looking over at the ocean on the left and some heavily ladened moss covered tree and rocks on the right and thinking, I’d be really scared right now in the twilight out on this road if that man hadn’t said he’d check on us in about a half hour to see if we got a ride. If we hadn’t he’d drive us to Tobermory which was about 12 miles away. I knew this because there was a sign with arrows pointing in opposite directions. Tobermory 12 miles and Dervaig 8 miles.  So we waited as it got darker and darker.

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